Snippet the Last, LE ROI EST MORT.

It needed not as much, but it did need some extra stuff.

And, just like that, the terrible pressure disappears. You are still in the crypt; but you are also inside the ‘float’ of the Tsan-Chan. You are become a toy of the unseen puppet-masters floating above you, and you will dance and bleed and revel and die for their amusement… no, not until the end of time. Time is now meaningless. There is only the Now.

You cry more proud tears of blood and salt. None can deny your devotion! You love the Golden Emperor more than your fellow-humans! You love the Golden Emperor more than your own life! And you love the Golden Emperor more than you love the pathetic reality of your birth!

You savor your reward, content inside your strings. How lovely it is, to feel the gaping hole in your soul where the unenlightened might feel responsibility and volition. How glorious it is, to be so free.