The MONEY PLANE! Honest Trailer / Pitch Meeting.

You can’t quite justify MONEY PLANE! getting the Honest Trailer treatment. Nor can you, for Pitch Meeting. But damn if it doesn’t work when you lump the two together. I guess it’s the shared sense of horror*?

Moe Lane

*Although you get the impression that they kind of liked Kelsey Grammer’s performance.

3 thoughts on “The MONEY PLANE! Honest Trailer / Pitch Meeting.”

  1. I think I lost a handful of IQ points watching that video. Or maybe it was a few SAN points from a botched roll. I can’t remember which game system I’m in.
    But seeing Honest Trailers and Pitch Meeting gang up on that movie was fun.
    Synergising across multiple departments and all that corp-speak.

    1. Yeah .. not gonna bother watching the movie .. but the tag team review was fun.
      I’m hoping this could spawn a trend .. “Snakes on a plane” .. “Soul Plane” … “Airport ##” .. okay, maybe not.

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