6 thoughts on “The “I REALLY Want To Believe” GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE trailer.”

    1. Okay, now that I’ve watched the ~2.5 minutes of nostalgia bait that is that trailer … I have more doubts. Big “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” vibes, there. Which was okay, but also … it was okay, and very, very, very much a retread.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure it will be at least partly a retread. That said, most sequels are; Ghostbusters 2 definitely was. But I don’t see SW parallel here. It’s made by people who actually love the IP.

        Fingers crossed.

        1. The Force Awakens *was* people who actually loved the IP. It was the other two that had all of the problems.

      2. One positive bit of news is that there aren’t any rumors about Bill Murray having to have his arm twisted in order to get him to cooperate with this new film.

        Unlike “Answer the Call”.

        That’s a good sign, imo.

  1. Just for fun, after watching this new trailer, I went back and watched the first trailer. And then without quite realizing it, I started picking out all the bits in both trailers that show the same scenes, but with added effects in the new trailer. It’s kind of fun, actually.

    And the new trailer opens to one of those changed scenes.

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