Surprisingly*, COPS to be revived.

The new/old COPS is going be on streaming:

Fox Nation intends to launch a 33rd season of the show on October 1, when it will unveil four new episodes. Plans call for Fox Nation to drop a new episode of the series weekly on Friday nights. The streaming outlet will also show 15 episodes from the show’s 32nd season. As part of the launch, Fox Nation will offer a free one-year subscription to police, firefighters and emergency responders.

I’m going to skip over lightly The Stuff We Don’t Talk About Here and just point out that any show that has been on long enough to be eligible to run for the US Senate will likely have a fan base of some heft to it. Also: geez, but I’m old. Enough to remember this:

Yeah, COPS was coming back.

Moe Lane

*Not really.