NaNoWriMo, Day 16: 1,510 / 36,720

Yeah, I was off watching Avatar: The Last Airbender clips. It was a neccesary thing. I regret nothing.


And on that cheery note: I was off to the counselor. Normally I have a session on Saturdays, but I had easily had enough craziness today to justify an additional visit. And it’s better to get the bad stuff out of your head as quickly as you can, before it can fester.

I didn’t expect my regular live therapist to be available, so I wasn’t surprised when John wasn’t. But I knew Diana a little; well enough that she could lead me through the talk therapy part of the session, at least. This isn’t a big set of settlements. Everybody usually ends up meeting each other.

It also helped that we were using the emergency checklist, instead of the standard weekly one. Diana didn’t speed me through it as I disrobed and put on a paper gown, but we didn’t dawdle, either. And actually, she was pretty good at figuring out what were the top five neuroses I had likely just encouraged. Maybe even better than John would have, but I like John. That’s even more important when working with a live therapist. The personal touch helps a lot.

But don’t think Diana wasn’t competent, either. I was in just the right mood when I took the pill, then put in my bite guard: slightly tense, aware of my likely incipient hangups, and grimly ready to pop them like balloons before they could do the same to me. Because you really want to be motivated when they send that electrical charge through the induction helmet, let me tell you. The more motivated you are going in, the less time it takes before you can get out.