12/30/21 Snippet the Last TINSEL RAIN HEE HEE HO HO

It’s a first draft! HaHAHAHAAHO! IT’S a first DrAFT and it’s dONe! I can igve it to the ALphA REaDeR noW…


As I whirled to meet Broken Foot his throat blossomed a throwing knife. “Oops,” came a voice behind me. “My eye is off today.”

I turned around: it was Nora, carefully walking up. As she passed Knife Guy, still retching and clutching himself, she raised her Cin City Special, and put a careful crossbow bolt in the back of his head. “Tsk, tsk. Damned hair trigger. Hi, Shamus. Guess I’m getting the Castle bounty on you after all.” She dimpled. “Don’t worry, it’s alive-only.”

That would have been fine, you know? If Rowan did have a dead-only bounty on me, a merciless killer would have made for a fine bodyguard right now. Except that I didn’t get the chance, because at that moment some kind of percussive air ball burst in the street we were on.

Everything went flying. Even the wagon rattled. As I got up, I was almost bowled over by another ball of exploding air. And another, and another, and another…

“On second thought, Shamus: why don’t you just escape?” Nora shouted over the sudden series of booms. “I’ll stay here and rescue the cops!”

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  1. Just make sure that they’re not coming to take you away, Moe. I know that the forever hugs can seem tempting sometimes, but those things make it awfully hard to type, and we’d miss you.

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