3 thoughts on “Item Seed: The Cut Lass.”

  1. I note that the US Army does still have swords as part of certain forms of dress uniform and it is thus possible that one might be used to kill an aware and resisting foe in defense of the nation. I’m not sure what the spiritual definition of “in combat” would be, but I’m pretty sure that whatever it is could happen, should it come to pass that a qualifying battle did not offer the time to change outfits.

    Indeed, the right sort of team might be sent to *make* such a thing happen, if a sufficiently malevolent version of something like the Cut Lass were to appear and need to be dealt with. Of course, if you’re going to manufacture such an event, it’s probably easier to find an existing battle and add the sword than to find an existing sword and add the battle.

  2. For that one, there’s more’n a few Civil War battles that came down to swordplay, and a twisty history can be drawn from any through to present day.

    Literally to present day Ukraine, if you like.


  3. The players won’t have a choice: this item comes out for the talk like a pirate session and we just keep spinning until they’ve all uttered avast, by the powers. Weigh anchor, splice the jib cable, and get me some grog, you dirty jackanapes! Finding treasure sure is thirsty work.

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