So, I figure either Cyber Runner or Diplomat in STARFIELD.

Look, we all know I’m buying Bethesda’s STARFIELD. And judging from the character class information that we can see in this article, I can already tell you my starting build: Cyber Runner’s got pistols, lockpicking, and diplomacy. That’s all I need, plus stealth. But I want to see Diplomat first. Maybe Professor, if that’s where the magic… ah, ‘Ancient Science’ or whatever they’re calling… is. I also like the spacesuit, but we all know that it’s the first thing that’s gonna get modded to infinity and beyond, so why waste time dwelling on it?

All in all: thank God this got delayed until 2023. I got a book to write in November.

5 thoughts on “So, I figure either Cyber Runner or Diplomat in STARFIELD.”

  1. Probably Explorer.
    But Beast Hunter, Pilgrim, and Long Hauler are all in the consideration pile.

  2. That list looks promising. Beast Hunter, Professor or Long Hauler. Although Chef does intrigue me.

    1. Can I attack people with a spatula? Use nitrogen to deep-freeze them? I’m honestly curious.

  3. Yeah, a lot of these I wonder about what they imply. Does Industrialist or Homesteader make it easier to build stuff, or scrap it? Do you get a encumbrance bonus for Long Hauler? I’d hope that there’ll be a character creation demo, except Bethesda doesn’t really do those.

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