4 thoughts on “In the E-Mail: 1637: THE TRANSYLVANIAN DECISION (eARC).”

  1. I really enjoyed the first few the 163x books (I read up into the 1634s), but they got real formulaic after a while, and i haven’t been back. Have they shifted from that?

    1. They are literally all over the place at this point, in terms of focus, style, and plot. I keep buying them and have learned a surprising amount of information on 17th Century Europe from them, if that helps. 🙂

  2. Ah. So they *don’t* all have the one-or-two-or-three unlikely romantic pairings that are signaled pretty hard somewhere in the first half of the book and inevitably get together at the end after a series of challenges and/or misadventures that make it quite clear that they have the full force of authorial fiat behind them making sure that it all works out well in the end?

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