AT LAST. Liechtenstein Maritime Law is finally back in print!

You can order it here. I’ve already gotten several: they will make excellent gifts. For, really, who can function in this world without a deep understanding of Liechtenstein maritime law?

Moe Lane

PS: Not available on Amazon, alas.

7 thoughts on “AT LAST. Liechtenstein Maritime Law is finally back in print!”

  1. …and already sold out, apparently. Guess I’ll have to wait for a later printing. 🙂

    1. Damn, that was fast. …I wonder what the folks at that law firm think about all of this.

      “Wait, it SOLD OUT? In an HOUR? Should we… should order more to be made?”

      “Will those sell?”

      “I don’t know! We didn’t expect these to, really. It was a joke that got onto the Internet! Making more was just us having a good laugh about it with everybody. We’re a law firm. We’re not supposed to have MERCH!”

      1. Obviously, someone with a bit of experience needs to offer to help organize the kickstarter with add on merchandise to gauge the public interest and financing for this – for a reasonable fee or percentage, of course!

  2. Sadly, I’m not sufficiently fluent in .. german? .. dutch? .. to figure out what to click to finish ordering.

    I’m also not sure exactly what I’d end up paying .. PayPal has been rather oblique on that point. Exchange rates fluctuate, of course.

    All that said … this would make an ideal product for a print-on-demand setup. Every order generates a print run .. and let the print-on-demand shop sort the details, the law firm just cashes the checks.

    Next time, hopefully, I am faster on the draw.


    1. Well, I got three copies, and it looks like it was about fifteen bucks for each, plus ten each for shipping from Europe. Since I’m using two of these for joke presents, I didn’t mind paying that much. YMMV.

      1. …That’s weird, huh? My not minding the price so much if it’s a gift for somebody else. Maybe I think that the shipping adds to the value: “I had to order these special from Europe!” 🙂

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