Tweet of the Day, Counterpoint On The BATGIRL Thing edition.

I have a prophecy*.

I prophesize that, in a few years, some folks will get a bug up their rears about the BATGIRL movie, or at least pretend to. They will start a joke movement for Warner Bros. to release that film, which will somehow turn into an actual movement that keeps nagging the company until they give up, and decide to finally release it in some form. And when that happens, all of those people will sit down to watch the movie, and go… Wow. No wonder they didn’t release that flick.

This should not be taken as any sort of criticism or disapproval, mind you. This is simply how the Internet works. You might as well curse the tide.

Moe Lane

*Hello, searchers from the future! Yes, I did call this back in 2022; and yes, I am that Moe Lane. Speaking of, are you caught up on all my books? Oh, thank you: it’s very kind of you to say that I only got better from this point, but I hope that, in your time, I still retain my affection for my early works. I’ve worked awfully hard on them.


4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Counterpoint On The BATGIRL Thing edition.”

  1. If it had the long lasting support of the Snyderverse, maybe. That had a lot of people spend a lot of money to keep nagging Warner Brothers over several years, and Mr Snyder himself was willing to put his own money and effort in.

    Is there a person of comparable skill behind the scenes of Batgirl?
    Are the people making a fuss now going to be keep doing so for many years and put their money behind their desires?

    I believe its failure before launch suggests otherwise on the leadership front, but I am often wrong in such matters. I do think Batgirl’s cancellation is but the first of many. Ezra Miller’s day in court may provide guidance for another (Aquaman 2 had a lot of days in court because of an unnamed actress).

  2. Warner Bros. have a regime change when AT&T gave up on them and merge them into Discovery. Discovery’s executives are taking over and looked at the balance sheet and the $3.75 billion hole in it. The previous regime had slotted $70-$90 million budget films to be exclusive to HBOMax. They also were doing day and date HBOMax with theatrical, this strategy cost them Christopher Nolan who moved over to Paramount. The quality of the Batgirl film is kind of immaterial, it doesn’t fit the new management’s strategy, and that’s that. Please note despite Ezar Miller’s best effort, they’re still releasing The Flash movie because that’s simply too expensive to shelve.

    1. BigFire,

      There is never 100% agreement on the internet for anything, but I think there is general consensus that the former strategy and implementation of Warner Bros’s DC property had not produced the results they wanted. Some success, undoubtedly, but some real failures as well.

      A $3.75 Billion hole needs a change.

      What’s really unclear to me is what exactly is going to be the new strategy. Maybe of less general interest but more relevant to our specific discussion, how will that strategy affect their DC and other fandom intellectual property. If I was in charge, for example, I wouldn’t shut down the publishing of comic books. But I would probably fire just about every writer and editor involved, and take a clean slate approach to characters, continuity, and even publishing medium and methods. Who knows that they will actually do?

  3. I contest your prophecy.

    Those upset about the cancellation don’t like comic books or superheroes in general, they just want to piss in the cornflakes of those who do.

    They’re not big on delayed gratification, and there are any number of cereal bowls to distract them.
    (During the limited period while people still have patience with the bleepards.)

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