Phone cameras saved these fools’ lives.

I’m not entirely joking. People despise cheaters, they really despise long-term cheaters who blatantly cheat to win, there’s a lot of money on that particular table, and everybody in that crowd has a knife. I’m not saying that if this happened in, say, 1975 somebody would have ended up getting gutted like a river trout, but the fact that everybody had their phone out and recording this had to have kept people cooled down a little. Particularly since everybody knows that the cops are getting called in anyway.

So it’s a good thing there were cameras there, hey?

Via Hot Air.

7 thoughts on “Phone cameras saved these fools’ lives.”

    1. .. and practice using it.

      Not wanting to gut the cheaters on camera did probably cool things down.


    2. Everyone also has access to and knowledge of large murky bodies of water inherently.

  1. Contrary wise, seeing a cheater gutted on the interwebs would do a hell of a lot more to curtail such behavior in the future; as every Western I’ve seen has similarly taught.

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