5 thoughts on “Item Seed: Agros Mortuorum.”

  1. I like the second footnote. If Victorians did anything perfectly it was making offhand remarks that got more racist the longer you looked at them.

      1. There’s another seed for you. A refference book that is more footnote than base commentary. Why even the footnotes have footnotes? It’s footnotes all the way down! A reckless scholar might lose track of the original mateial it was ostensibly meant to suplement! Bwahaha. [gibber gibber twitch] hahahahaHahah……

        1. Why no I haven’t actually looked at TVTropes lately. Don’t send me back there. I only just escaped last time.

          1. …and another seed – a webpage like TVTropes where if you follow the right kinds of links int eh right order, it slowly unfolds into a dark grimoire… but you have to *keep reading*. As soon as you come up for air and close the tabs, whatever dark revelations that there were speaking to you through the text are gone, and it’s actually a bit harder to find when hunting deliberately than it is to stumble onto by mistake. That’s okay, though. there’s a subtle but slowly intensifying compulsive/sanity-drain effect that accompanies the dark insights that you gain. It’s the sort of thign that you can recover from over time, once you pull yourself away, but if you *cannot* pull yourself away, it eventually results in death. So *even if you know what’s going on*, you might not want to tear your eyes away at first, and by the time you get to the point where you really *should* turn away, it’s much, much harder. TVTropes *does* make warlocks – some of them capable of frightening levels of subtlety and power. It makes a great many more corpses, however, and sometimes it turns the former into the latter, if they aren’t quite as lucky with their second or third bite at the apple.

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