Hrm. I’m going to see BLACK ADAM anyway…

…but it’s a little surprising to see Sonny like BLACK ADAM. I’m used to him not liking stuff I like. I’m also surprised that they had to cut it down to keep the PG-13 rating. I was expecting something a little more inherently SHAZAM!-friendly.


One thought on “Hrm. I’m going to see BLACK ADAM anyway…”

  1. Why are you surprised?
    Black Adam exists to provide contrast to Captain Marvel.
    On his own, he’s an antihero. It’s the contrast that makes him an antivillain.

    He’s a problem for DC. He’s a much more interesting character than his rival, and the theme of “idealism defeats cynicism” requires contrivances. Let him monologue, and you’re sure to hit “strawman has a point”.
    So he’s mostly shown from Billy’s (naive/immature) perspective, or after he’s been driven mad (trapped in the phantom zone, for instance).

    The Captain Marvel franchise is built upon audience appeal to teenagers. Start implying they’ve got things to learn from their elders, and you’ve got problems.

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