My mini-review of Black Adam.

Short version: Sonny Bunch was correct when he described this movie as, ‘What if Superman killed people, but it’s okay because they were all bad?’ It’s not what I’d call deep, but it was fun.

Slightly longer version: …pretty much that, really. Dwayne Johnson is sometimes a bit much for me, but he does a nice job here. Like I said, the flick wasn’t deep, so you can put whatever message you like in there, as long as it’s not too convoluted. ‘Colonialism sucks’ works, as does ‘The UN is just completely f*cking useless, isn’t it?’ or ‘Some people have already run out of last chances before you even meet them.’ And then there’s the classic life hack BLACK ADAM provides: ‘You can’t dodge falling damage.’ Black Adam is really fond of that one. But, again: they were all bad.

I had a good time, but I love popcorn flicks.

Moe Lane

PS: The rumors are true: there was an end-credit scene. And it was even better than I expected.


2 thoughts on “My mini-review of Black Adam.”

  1. You can’t dodge falling damage?
    Obviously, this movie is not based on the Champions/Hero System.

  2. You can’t dodge falling damage, but what happens if you throw yourself at the ground and miss?

    It’s been years since I read any Douglas Adams. I probably should do that again sometime this next year or so.

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