The DISENCHANTED Disney+ trailer.

This one mostly because my wife pointed it out to me. DISENCHANTED does seem to be a handy primer on the dangers of wishes…

…particularly when you’ve just wished for a fairy-tale life, and you’re a stepmother. That could be very amusing to watch. Was the first movie any good, or even any good, when you grade it on a curve?

3 thoughts on “The DISENCHANTED Disney+ trailer.”

  1. I’d say the first movie was good graded on a curve. Weaker than some of the live action movies, but stronger than 90% of the current Mouse ventures. (I know, low bar.)
    If this actually pokes fun at the fairy tale lore and doesn’t stoop to The Message it may be fun.
    If it does The Message instead, I’m out.

  2. It was… OK?
    I sat there for the whole two hours without finding a reason to wander off or actively dislike it.

    But I can’t say that I remember much about it. A couple of short sight gags, and that’s it.

  3. I thought Enchanted was good even not on a curve. It helps that the main characters were all solid actors who gave A+ performances. The writers were phoning it in in a couple parts, but it is a live action parody of a Disney princess film so there are standards to be met.
    I have no expectation of this sequel being worth anyone’s time.

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