Tweet of the Day, What Blackmail Does James Gunn HAVE? edition.

(H/T: @bendreyfuss) My mouth got more and more open, the longer the video went.

There’s, two, three projects on there that I never would have believed they’d let James Gunn do. And yet. And yet.

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, What Blackmail Does James Gunn HAVE? edition.”

  1. The Authority (from the issues I’ve read) has the potential to be even darker than Swamp Thing, so I think there are some liberties being taken if ST is highlighted as being farther outside the rest. Also still stinging from Henry Cavill’s departure, and am very hesitant about The Flash with its star remaining attached.
    I want to be proven wrong.

  2. I notice that he specifically did not mention the comics.

    Booster Gold could be good.

    I liked the statement about story above all. Wish I believed it.

  3. I think this introduction to the Gunn DCU demonstrates that either he has supreme blackmail photos, DC is desperate, Gunn is a first class bullshit salesman, or all of the above.

  4. I think… I think they’ve *done* generic. MCU has also done generic, and MCU has done it a lot better and more thoroughly. The real thing this does is get a lot more exposure to some of the DC comics deep cuts. If it isn’t working, they can drop the entire idea relatively quickly without taking too much damage. If it *is* working, then a lot more of that absurdly expansive DC comics IP gets mindspace in the minds of the modern customer.

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