Getting this printed up!

My wife’s suggestion: we’re looking at doing some outdoor venues, and she thought this would be an arresting image for a hanging display. I agreed. I even had the Photoshop project handy…

Obviously, this is from MORGAN BAROD. Post-apocalyptic sword and sorcery in the wilds of New Jersey! Check it out today!


5 thoughts on “Getting this printed up!”

  1. A little lengthier than standard flag dimensions, I think, but would flutter nicely and attract attention which is the goal.

  2. I’d even consider buying one for our rumpus room nudge nudge kickstarter bonus wink wink

    1. Alas, this isn’t going to be a finished product. My wife will probably have to do sewing stuff to it (using the Forbidden Scissors) before it’s ready to be hung up. Which she won’t mind doing as a one-time thing – this craft project was her idea, originally – but I’d need to pay somebody to do the same thing in bulk. 🙂

  3. Ah.

    So I will absolutely not plan an elaborate Ocean’s -style heist at the next outdoor convention you foolishly announce you’re attending.

    And I’ll have an alibi.

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