Book of the Week: Gray War.

Basically, Larry Correia did Peter Nealen a favor by telling everybody to read Gray War: A Pallas Group Solutions Thriller. I decided to give it a spin. I mean, five bucks, right? And God knows I wouldn’t object to getting Correia to do the same for me*.

Turns out Gray War’s a fun book that I normally wouldn’t read because it’s straight military thriller, with no supernatural or science fictional elements to it. I don’t feel bad about not reading more of that, because I have tons to read already. But I figure I’m gonna finish this series.

Moe Lane

*Believe me: if we hung out, I absolutely would be trying to do just that. It’s just that you need to be friends before you can presume on friendship. More to the point: I’m not gonna make friends with somebody just because they could be useful for me, down the line. That’s more accurately described as ‘sucking up.’

That being said… if Larry Correia ever reads this, my books can be found here. I can also recommend my buddy Jim Geraghty’s Dangerous Clique novels. See, I talk up other writers’ stuff, too.

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  1. In your defense, Correia views publishing as completely transactional, a true Practitioner of the Free Market. If you presumed to network primarily to shill your books, he may even respect you more.

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