Series of the Week: The Children of Khetar.

Queen’s Heir and Raven’s Blood: Bronze Age fantasy by John Boyle, who is indeed a regular here. I will be nice and not nag him about when the next book is coming out. Check them both out — and if you buy, don’t forget to leave a review!

One thought on “Series of the Week: The Children of Khetar.”

  1. Many thanks for both the signal boost and the kind words. The next book in The Children of Khetar series is entitled Dragon’s Kiss and I plan on having it out by the end of this June. It will take a look at two other Children of Khetar: Belkara (beloved of the hero of the first two books) and Silmurth, who is destined to become Mursilith II (greatest of the Hittite kings and the Doom of Babylon).

    For anyone who has not read my work, I don’t write grimdark or smut; I lack the worldview for the first and the talent for the second. Think Prince Valiant with magic and dragons. Things you will find in my books:
    The words “I love you” and “Forgive me” – check
    The flash of swords, the flight of arrows and the roar of battle – check
    Courage against the odds – check
    And in Dragon’s Kiss, the buckling of swashes and chariot races! – check and check.

    Thank you again, Mr. Lane.

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