03/06/2023 Snippet, A TUESDAY IN VIRGINIA.

Lucas decides something is sensible!

In the end, he took the road. Roads led to towns, and towns had inns. Inns had food, drink, beds, and possibly even awake barmaids. It was a little late out to get anything except possibly the drink, but even if everything was closed surely there would be a haystack to rest in until morning—

It was right about that point that Lucas heard people ahead. They sounded armed. They sounded angry, too, even if it wasn’t being directed towards him.

Lucas stopped, listened, and considered the situation. There was definitely an argument going on, down the road. It might have even been the kind of argument that ended with swords being drawn. On the other hand, it wasn’t his argument. He had no idea who was fighting, what they were fighting about, and why he should care. On the gripping hand? All he had to do was get off the road, sneak past, and just keep going. If Hershey Troopers really were following him, let them unravel this probably minor and boring mystery. Lucas had a date with a soft bed, or possibly a haystack.

This, he felt, was a very sensible plan.