03/06/2023 Snippet, GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.

More work!

“We decided to degrade the coverage,” Greg told me and Nur over a hasty working lunch. “It looks like we’re not finding that part any time soon.”

“Is that smart?” I asked him.

“Depends on whether you think degraded coverage is better than having the cameras all flicker in and out at random,” Greg replied. “Or whether Nur can actually find that part.”

“I can’t find that part,” Nur replied. “I think we can jury-rig a replacement, but it’ll take time. Meanwhile, the system keeps getting more damaged. I don’t know what will happen if we keep trying to run the network at full coverage, but I’d rather not have all of the security net fry. That’ll take even longer to repair.”

“So we degrade the coverage,” Greg agreed. “If it makes you feel any better, your boyfriend thinks we should take the risk of a full collapse, and work very, very quickly.”

“You don’t agree, though.” I let the ‘boyfriend’ thing slide. Damned if I knew what we were doing along those lines, although that was more than half my fault.

Greg shrugged. “I’d like to agree. But if the security net goes all the way down, any saboteurs would have a field day. At least this way we’re still protected if somebody comes down with situational psychosis. It’s the old better than nothing trick, as my grandmother used to say.”