Tweet of the Day, ‘It Sure Would Be Nice If We Had Some GRENADES, Don’t You Think?’ edition.

Because I won’t care how much blubber a hippo has, if neither will the pressure wave from the grenade.

Via @NathanWurtzel.

7 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, ‘It Sure Would Be Nice If We Had Some GRENADES, Don’t You Think?’ edition.”

  1. Life as a Video Game:

    Europe and Asia played normally
    South America fought with it’s siblings and had it’s game taken away.
    Australia and Africa turned the difficulty up to 11
    And American Indians never left the tutorial.

  2. To think we missed an opportunity to import these murder-blobs to Louisiana.** The risk was too great in the end. The Cajuns would have tamed them, and riding into battle like some Great Old cavalry from the depths.
    **Classical Refference The original Ativist link appears to now be dead ๐Ÿ™ .

      1. Why Harry Turtledove has never paired this with Jefferson Davis’ camel cavalry in the Southwest for high adventure I’ll never know…

  3. Iโ€™m afraid grenades wouldnโ€™t be much use. A casualty radius of 5m sounds like a lot, but it isnโ€™t, really. Especially when combined with moving target and a five second fuse with poor quality control. (So expect +/-2 seconds on that delay.)

    1. I looked this up, actually! Apparently the problem is that water isn’t really compressible, so the pressure wave keeps going until it hits something that can compress. Like the air in somebody’s lungs.

  4. I spent way to long time trying to find my naval reference materials about the inverse square rule on the effectiveness of depth charges decreasing as to the distance to the target rises.

    All to make a comment on a website while simultaneously having Google not record me looking for ‘effective depth charge distances’.

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