Tweet of the Day (2019), I Don’t Know About EVERY Time edition.

But it’s something to do at least once.

PS: The context is, somebody gave a bad review to Penny Arcade’s Acquisitions Incorporated 5e campaign book, on the grounds that it reminded him of the Discworld and that was bad*. This has earned the reviewer a certain scorn. Although it’s a Hell of a compliment: This? This is like something out of… Pratchett.

I’d say I’d pay money for negative reviews like that, except that my wife has informed me that you can actually pay people for reviews, and I’m still horrified by the very idea.


Moe Lane

*I have difficulty quoting people’s negative opinions of Pratchett. It’s not revulsion – people are allowed to have wrong opinions – I just don’t want them directly on my page. I have some mild hopes that the original review was satire, though. It’d make me feel better.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day (2019), I Don’t Know About EVERY Time edition.”

  1. It blew my mind in a local amateur author group last week (where most are writing fantasy of one variety or another) that none of the young members were familiar with PTerry.
    But they did know Monty Python and Douglas Adams.

    I have corrupting to do.

    1. Small Gods is one of the most insightful (and inciteful) books on religion I have ever read. The rest run between great and poor. A young writer would do well to understand why Discworld is good. (Aping Pterry would be unwise, not least because a young author would not have the skill to be more than a pale imitation.)

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