I may need to take a couple days off.

Burnout can be a thing, and The Dang Book has been looming large in my head lately. On the other hand, not getting things done is one reason why the book started to loom. And on the gripping hand… what, exactly, am I doing these days that could result in burnout?

Moe Lane

PS: On top of everything else, I’m trying to remember the last time I had a vacation that didn’t have the word ‘working’ in front of it. …Does COVID quarantine count? I pretty much spent that week doing virtually nothing, after all.

7 thoughts on “I may need to take a couple days off.”

  1. See ya on the flippity flop.

    Haven’t taken a “real vacation” in a year or two.. planning to fix that this autumn.


  2. No, quarantines don’t count. Go find a game where you aren’t the DM or else spend a couple of days doing something else that’s fun and has nothing to do with writing. ^_~

  3. I think a short time of celebration for the First Draft finish is warranted.

    We’ll keep a light on for you.

      1. After all my evangelizing about the glories of Subnautica, The Outer Wilds, and Deep Rock Galactic…

        Just so you’re aware, I’m throwing virtual dice at you right now.
        Seriously, you’ve *got* to play the first two. (DRG is only necessary if you want to see what a looter-shooter done right, by a company that respects its customers, looks like. It’s lots of fun, but it’s far from essential.)
        Of those two, I’d recommend you play The Outer Wilds first. It’s short. It took me just under 23 hours to finish, and I was pretty danged thorough. Here’s my elevator sales pitch on it: Space exploration and time loop written by Ray Bradbury*.

        *Not actually, but it’s clear the game devs were huge fans.

        For you specifically, I’d also recommend Call of the Sea. It’s a walking simulator puzzle game, but it’s nicely atmospheric, and by far the best homage to HPL I’ve seen in a video game.

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