5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …Huh edition.”

  1. Come, I will conceal nothing from you:

    My dreams have sometimes progessed as if through a Youtube playlist.

  2. Because the Mi-Go are opposed to Cthulhu and Hastur.

    Sarcasm aside, cell phones pop up in dreams all the time. We just don’t remember our dreams very well, and in the idealized world of dreams, things happen for maximum emotional impact. FOMO might have you checking your text messages incessantly IR, but in dreamland it’ll be evidenced by your best friend telling you face to face, “you should have been there” sadly or accusingly as the situation dictates.

  3. Cellphones are small, nondescript boxes. Also, they mostly allow instant communication (as opposed to corded phones which caused significant anxiety in missing a call), so our minds just skip over the mundane detail of how we gave or received information. The most likely cell phone dream is probably losing it by physical mishap; are you sure you don’t ever dream about accidentally flinging your phone into a pool?

    1. You’re carrying a device that tracks everywhere you go, listens to everything spoken in its vicinity, and *that’s* the dream you have?
      (I mean, I have dreamed of flinging mine into a pool. Just not on accident.)

  4. Our interactions with cell phones could be described as a waking dream anyway, much like television or desktop computers.

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