Tweet of the Day, Witness This Mult-faceted Trolling Event edition.

Let me unpack this, because this is amazing.

  • Three Year Letterman is a marvelous Twitter account whose author delights in writing exactly the kind of ridiculously inaccurate nonsense that can provoke an WELL ACTUALLY response, typically coupled with an uncalled-for personal insult. He retweets the best of those, whereupon his followers will immediately fill responses with surreal in-jokes and bizarre put-downs*. The fun part? There’s always somebody who doesn’t know about this account. It’s endless entertainment.
  • This time, 3YL’s comment got Community Noted. Inaccurately. That example is from a civil court proceeding, and convictions happen in criminal cases.
  • Bad Legal Takes (another excellent account) knows this perfectly well, which is why they picked that CN to highlight.
  • Then people thought that BLT was actually talking about 3YL, and hijinks ensue.

…And that was my entertainment during lunchtime.

Moe Lane

*Fortunately, the consensus among 3YL followers is to restrain ourselves to only unleashing snark on the specific post in question, and to readily accept a rueful response of “Okay, yeah, you got me!” There must be rules, after all; otherwise, we are reduced to the level of beasts.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Witness This Mult-faceted Trolling Event edition.”

  1. Is it bad that I am getting a headache from the stupid that this whole thing represents? Diplomatic immunity is something that is granted to visiting diplomats. Unless his orangeness is representing a different country (perhaps the state of delusion, lots of politicians seem to hail from it), then

  2. his diplomatic immunity is meaningless. The community note has the right idea (3YL is wrong), but their proof is bad. Can I just go “chop head tiny bits” and make the stupid end?
    Also, OJ was found civilly liable for his wife’s murder despite being criminally acquitted of same. We have two court systems in this country that happen to have a lot of apparatus in common.

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