So the major problem in STARFIELD is the way outposts work.

Which is to say: they don’t work that well, really. The interface has too much lag in placement, there’s no intuitive interfaces, and — as far as I can tell — shifting resources between star systems simply does not work. I’m just keeping about 1500 units of construction materials in my ship at this point and running out to the closest store when I need something in particular.

This doesn’t make STARFIELD bad. I enjoy it. The exploration aspects are a lot of fun. But they’re going to have to drastically overhaul how outposts work. Sometimes I think Bethesda leans a little too much on the modding community…

8 thoughts on “So the major problem in STARFIELD is the way outposts work.”

  1. My outpost network is much more for storage than production.
    My ship’s hold gets full much, much too quickly.
    I haven’t gotten the transit pads up and working yet. I keep running out of mats to make more storage faster than I run out of things to store.

    1. Quick question: did you link the output of your Helium-3 production to your master transit box?

      Output links were the bane of my existence until I watched a tutorial. Switching between build mode and modify mode wasn’t something I picked up on.

      My major point of willing suspension of disbelief toe-stubbing?
      That you don’t scruffy have to worry about the gravity well while piloting. The planet is just skybox.

      1. And I have no idea why Otto felt the need to call me a scruffy looking nerfherder.

        ((The two most recent Apple updates have really forked over swipe typing.)

  2. When I read stuff about Starfield, I feel like Randy in “A Christmas Story” pressing his nose against the window of that toy store.

  3. Thinking about it, I haven’t yet seen a pressing reason to build an outpost. It’s handy to have a house with all your crafting stations that you can fast travel directly to, but I keep forgetting where I put the danged things.

    (shrug) Come to think of it, the only time I’ve used the ship builder, was to rename a ship I nicked from some pirates. And people are positively gushing about that system. (I do need to see if I can squeeze a larger reactor into the Razorleaf. There’s too much potential you can’t use to be reasonable.)

    My biggest annoyance is the skills of the companions. Their skills have the same names as the PCs’, but are supplementary rather than the actual skill.
    One of the early things I did, was hire a ship’s doctor. Who can’t actually treat my injuries, she just makes me more efficient at treating myself. So I still have to use the expensive materials, and doing so faster doesn’t matter if I’ve made it back to my ship. (The true purpose of outposts: someplace to park her.)

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