The OPPENHEIMER Honest Trailer.

It’s not bad, although I think Honest Trailers probably should have skipped the joke about the lack of Japanese/Native American viewpoints. Either would have frankly been irrelevant to the main thrust of OPPENHEIMER: worse, they would have felt irrelevant to the movie. If a director doesn’t want to put something into a film, sometimes it’s pragmatically good to just, well, accept that. Art is what it is, not what you want it to be.

Well, unless you’re the artist yourself. And sometimes, not even then.


One thought on “The OPPENHEIMER Honest Trailer.”

  1. Oh.
    If Honest Trailers is on the “Intersectional Impact Statement” train, they can join Disney on the scrap heap. This is not about relevance. They have joined the cult and must be cleansed.

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