New stretch goal for TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION: Digital merch art!

This is a two-birds, one-stone situation: I’ve gotten Shaenon Garrity (book cover artist for FROZEN DREAMS and TINSEL RAIN, and all-round swell artist) to do some Fermi Resolution-themed art. I’ve been provided with a piece that can be handily broken up into a bookmark, bookplate, and refrigerator magnet.

So I’ve updated the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 2 Kickstarter! There’s a new $1,600 stretch goal: at that point, everyone who backs at the $5 level or above will get a digital copy of the art, already formatted for a 3×1 bookmark, 2×2 sticker or magnet, and 3×2 bookplate.

Will there be physical versions of these in the future? Yes! Will they be part of the Kickstarter? …I dunno. Depends on how much money I make from it. So back it today!