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June 20
One dream. Blood pressure and heart rate slightly elevated; no tachycardia.

I spent today driving the first half of what will eventually be a loop around the — well, I’m not supposed to call it a ‘dead zone,’ obviously. According to DepCom records, it is an ‘Anomalous Zero-Accessibility Telecommunications Hub.’ Personally, I think that ‘dead zone’ is easier to say, but nobody asked me.

I’m not going to lie; it’s a drive, even if the car’s doing most of it. For the first part I’m supposed to stick to the main roads, looking for high places to put the ‘outdoor telecast hookups’ (Yay, more jargon!) that will finally connect this area with the rest of the USNA. Looks like the time of the human surveyor isn’t quite gone yet. (And if the rumors about the AI moratorium are true, it’ll be a while before that changes.)

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  1. And 99 is normal, so what is elevated? Without knowing the person’s usual average HR, it is meaningless. Sorry,as a reader, it is my version of the wrong button on a uniform.

    1. No, no, I see the problem. Trying to establish that dude’s sleeping heartrate was about 75-80 bpm, but that he knows he’s not supposed to worry about it until it gets over 100 bpm. (I’m aware that it should be more like under 60 bpm when sleeping, but this IS a horror story).

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