Wow. COYOTE VS. ACME must REALLY suck. Or the WB is doing something REALLY hinky.

Or… both? I guess it could be both: “After Warner Bros. scrapped the completed Looney Tunes movie Coyote vs. Acme for no reason, it was reported that it would be shopped around to other studios. Well, The Wrap is reporting that WB has rejected other studios’ offers to purchase the movie…” Never mind Geektyrant’s editorializing: that fine website’s cheerleading for films makes me look like a hyper-critical cinematic snob*.

Basically, WB wants $75 million for the flick, and nobody wants to pay that kind of money for an extended Adult Swim skit, so back into the vault it goes**. Geektyrant thinks this is for financial reasons, and I essentially agree. I just think that some of the financial reasons might be “better a $35 million haircut than having to explain a stinker of a film.” The audiences liked the new ending of I AM LEGEND a lot better than the old one, too – and look how that worked out.

Moe Lane

*I say that without criticism.

**…Back, I say! BACK! Show it the whip, Igor!