Less than $300 to go for the next stretch goal for TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol. 2 Kickstarter.

No exclamation point: I’m still too annoyed with Barnes & Noble to feel safe about shouting. My youngest wanted to know why I was snarling obscenities at my computer. Since the answer was, Because I forgot you were there*, perhaps I should be a little less vehement for a while.

Anyway, the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol. 2 Kickstarter is still going on, with a dozen days to go. We’re close to getting some more sampler stories, and after that; some sampler art. And man, but the urge to push out the exclamation points is stronger than I expected. It’s like a drug, man. A loud, shouty drug.

Moe Lane

*The kids have school off today for some reason. I’m not really sure why. That just happens, from time to time.