The BORDERLANDS trailer.

I think it says something slightly uncomfortable about me that now I don’t just want to watch BORDERLANDS: I kind of want to try out the videogame. I even have it, although admittedly on Epic, which is a pain in the butt to download again, these days. Hrm.

3 thoughts on “The BORDERLANDS trailer.”

  1. First was fun, if janky. Second was better in pretty much all respects. I felt like the series wore out its welcome by the time the third rolled around, though, and haven’t played it. (There was a prequel in between 2 and 3 that I played a bit of, but that was where it lost me, as I recall.)

  2. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the Borderlands game for you. It has all the guns and violence of a regular Borderlands game, but it also has inside jokes for people who love tabletop RPGs. I think you would find the Magic Missile joke particularly amusing.

    I mean, you can’t go wrong with any Borderlands game, but I think Wonderlands would really grab you.

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