Book of the Week: Just Stab Me Now.

This one is sort of meta. Jill Bearup’s Just Stab Me Now is about a romance novelist who is dealing with a main character that is being far more obstreperous than normal, or perhaps physically possible in a normal universe. I don’t actually know; I haven’t read it yet. I’m recommending it because a lot of genre writers who I wouldn’t expect to recommend a romance novel are recommending this one, and I take note of that kind of crossover appeal.

Also, I’m a bit of a sentimentalist. Don’t tell anybody, okay?


3 thoughts on “Book of the Week: Just Stab Me Now.”

  1. Jill Bearup runs a YouTube channel which is deservedly popular. This story started as a wonderful series of short YouTube videos in which she plays all the female characters … and also lovingly but firmly smacks around an enormous number of tropes. The series was popular enough that she turned it into her first book.

    I bought the book. So far, it at least matches the quality of the videos, which makes it Strongly Recommended.

    1. Wait, is that the one where the main character keeps trying to explain to the author why she needs to marry Dude B instead of Dude A? Yeah, those are great.

      1. The very same! She’s hilarious.

        Also her series breaking down the subtext of flirty fight scenes/duels is remarkably informative.

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