It’s real weird, not playing a magic user in D&D.

I haven’t really done it in twenty or so years, honestly. But after my last character teleported himself and the Big Bad of the campaign right into a sun in order to reignite (long story), I decided to just go full human rogue.

…Okay. I do have two cantrips and a first-level spell because of my background, but they don’t really count. They’re just there because I blatantly ripped off Paul Atreides for my character concept, and that meant getting something close to the Voice. I may never be able to actually use it in the game.

Anyway; it’s weird. If only because I’m not range-attacking my way through combats anymore. Nope, up close and personal with the daggers is now the life for me, with nary an emergency healing spell to keep me stable…

Moe Lane

PS: That’s it. There’s nothing more interesting than that. That was what I was doing this evening: sneak attacking a spelljammer full of ogres…

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