About a minute of footage from the 9/11 Biker March thing today.

Not much really to say about the footage itself – I happened to need gas this morning and I live just north of DC, so I shot some quick footage:

…but I do want to remind people: they keep making it easier and easier to upload video, these days.  This was taken on my old iPod Touch, uploaded to YouTube with one click (once I had a WiFi signal), and once it was uploaded YouTube pretty much removed all the shaky cam with the click of a button.  You know me; I like to harp on the need for cameras at all times.  And truthfully? It’s getting hard to walk around without a video camera, these days.

So if you have a phone or a mp3 player or a tablet, play around with it a little.  You might discover that you’ve got a pretty potent tool, there.