ABC gets good ratings off of their debate.

As my buddy Dan McLaughlin first noted and this article confirms, the ABC debate brought in the ratings. 13.2 million viewers (about 700K more than last week’s Fox News debate): and apparently the viewership was steady as she goes throughout. Looks like the GOP is pretty much where all the political excitement is, this year. Which makes sense, given that the Democrats are running candidates that are dull, yet superficial.

Moe Lane

PS: In case you were wondering: the Republican debates in 2016 have blown the 2012 debates out of the water when it comes to viewers. The Democratic ones… have not.

Terry McAuliffe allegedly sold ABC board seat to ‘Republican’ Boyd Marcus.

Before we go any further, though… the Washington Post may tell us the details: they may not display any moral indignation. The Washington Post endorsed that corrupt suckweasel Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia: the below is exactly the sort of thing that we all expected McAuliffe to do.  Anybody who thought otherwise is a natural-born d*mned fool.

Moving along: here is the timeline.

  • Boyd Marcus, Virginia Republican consultant, emails Ken Cuccinelli campaign, looking for a fat consulting fee (up to $100K). The Cuccinelli campaign says no.
  • Boyd turns around and publicly supports Terry McAuliffe.
  • McAuliffe pays Boyd about $40K in consulting fees.

Wait! It gets better! Or worse. Continue reading Terry McAuliffe allegedly sold ABC board seat to ‘Republican’ Boyd Marcus.

A look at the horrific, graphic Univision Fast & Furious excerpt.

The below is not the entire Univision Operation Fast & Furious expose: it’s merely about ten minutes of it.  Ten very graphic, very infuriating, and very embarrassing ten minutes of it.  Don’t watch it if you have a physical/mental problem with seeing people being murdered on-screen, and for real:

(see also this ABC article)

It’s a useful primer for what happened: which is to say, Mexican drug cartels decided to buy guns from US shops and the US government (ATF Special Agent William Newell* is mentioned by name, but he’s not the only one caught up in this mess) decided to not only let them; they decided to track illegal gun sales by waiting to see when and where guns known to have been sold illegally showed up at Mexican crime scenes.

Please pause for a moment to think about it.  And possibly participate in a calming exercise. Continue reading A look at the horrific, graphic Univision Fast & Furious excerpt.

#rsrh QotD, The Partisan Breakdown Is A Feature, Not A Bug Edition.

Ed Morrissey, on the pathetic partisan (take that any way you like) breakdown (ditto) of the latest WaPo/ABC poll (46/49 Romney/Obama):

Today’s D/R/I is 32/22/38, which means this model would only be predictive for a turnout model where only 22% of voters are Republican.  Just to remind readers, the 2008 turnout split from exit polls showed a 39/32/29 split, and that was considered a nadir for Republican turnout.  In the 2010 midterms, the split was 35/35/30.

Take a close look at the Republican representation in WaPo/ABC polls this year. Starting in January, that has been 25%, 23%, 27%, 23%, and now 22%.  The pollster seems incapable of finding a representative number of Republicans for this poll series.  Perhaps that should give the two news organizations involved a hint about finding a new pollster.

Why should they?  The pollster is fulfilling said news organizations’ needs perfectly. Continue reading #rsrh QotD, The Partisan Breakdown Is A Feature, Not A Bug Edition.

#rsrh ABC, VA, and Fark.

Interesting article here in the WaPo about privatizing Virginia liquor stores – although the Washington Bob McDonnell’s Thesis should accept that they lost the election, and stop being childish by using unflattering pictures of the Governor* – but the really interesting bit was possibly the comments section of the Fark entry where I saw it first.  Ever hear that old rule-of-thumb that the more you care about a particular topic, the more conservative you are about it?  Yeah, apparently Fark readers care a hell of a lot about distilled liquor.

No, I’m not judging.  I am, in fact, somewhat heartened.  Now if we can just get them caring about entitlement spending with the same intensity…

Moe Lane

*Who, yes, shouldn’t have had that one see the light of day.  Ever.