In the Mail: The Desert and the Blade.

The Change series is lots of fun, if you like post-apocalyptic fiction where technology above a certain level abruptly no longer works and the return of magic really doesn’t make up for it at all.  Which, yeah, led to billions of people dying.  But the survivors are having plenty of adventures! …Which, as S.M. Stirling himself noted elsewhere, means ‘somebody else in deep trouble, far away.’

Ahem. The Desert and the Blade: A Novel of the Change (Change Series) is a fun read so far; I’m enjoying it.  But you definitely should start with Dies the Fire, which is the first book in this series. Or maybe Island in the Sea of Time, which is kind of in the same universe but is a good deal more chipper. Assuming you haven’t read any of these before

‘Boring’ sounds like a wonderful quality for a 2012 candidate.

To evoke Terry Pratchett, what I’m going to be looking for is a candidate who I think will actively try to ensure that tomorrow is going to be pretty much like today.

Liz Cheney (via Gateway Pundit) has some thoughts about whatever person we stick with the 2012 cleanup job is in for:

I’m personally not all that interested in talking 2012 until we’re done with 2010, but if I had to make a decision right now I’m going to take the position that ‘boring’ would be a nice default quality to have in our next candidate. So does ‘dull:’ it’s been just over a year since we started to live in interesting times, and I’m pretty much done with the sensation, thanks.

Moe Lane

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