Quote of the Day, …I Do Not Think That This Is Helping edition.

Look, I understand that you have to work with what you’re given.  But if you think that this is a good counter-argument to Ted Cruz (accurately!) pointing out that pro-abortion protesters were chanting “Hail, Satan”…

Lucien Greaves, communications director of the Satanic Temple, says Cruz’s comments oversimplify the issue by trying to inject religion into the abortion debate. Although pro-abortion-rights protesters did indeed chant “Hail Satan” at a rally outside the Texas Capitol, it was to combat antiabortion protesters who were singing “Amazing Grace.”



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Tweet of the Day, This BTW Means That Andrew Cuomo Won’t Be Running For President edition.

This is one of the better Photoshops that I’ve seen:


Background at the link: suffice it to say that Andrew Cuomo said something very, very politically stupid about pro-lifers Friday, and while it may or may not actually keep him from being re-elected this year it will be an albatross around his neck in 2016, as well as any hypothetical federal appointments down the line. Or, ooh, maybe he’ll get tagged in for the 2016 Veep nomination! That’d be sweet.