So mayyyyybbe there’s the *potential* for life on Enceladus. *Maybe*.

Now, let’s not get too excited. A little excited is fine, but further observations are required: “The same sorts of chemical reactions that sustain life near deep-sea hydrothermal vents here on Earth could potentially be occurring within Enceladus’ subsurface ocean, a new study published today (April 13) in the journal Science suggests.” Enceladus is a moon of Saturn (sayeth he, just as if he knew that before he read the article) which apparently has liquid water underneath its ice surface.  If there’s water and if there’s the equivalent of those vents, there’s the possibility of at least primitive life.  Not likely to be sophisticated, not likely at all to be able to grow too much more in complexity, effectively impossible that it’s anything resembling intelligent… but it’d be life, which would then instantly convert Terran life into being a statistic.

This would be good.  Trying to discuss extraterrestrial life when we don’t actually even know if it really is possible for it to develop elsewhere can be frustrating. We need more data for the models. We need any data for the models, honestly.

The most interesting cinematic conspiracy theory I’ve seen today (Spider-man/Life/Venom).

OK, so basically Sony is going to make a Venom movie.   …OK.  You know something?  That’s fine. That could be watchable. Lord knows Sony is probably smarting at the way that it had to kiss up to Marvel to get Spider-Man to appear in the MCU; they want to make some money of their own, they’ve got the rights to Venom, it might not suck.  And, hey, it can back into the MCU the way that Deadpool kind of pretended to do with the Helicarrier and everything. So… all right.  Good luck with that, Sony. I mean it. Continue reading The most interesting cinematic conspiracy theory I’ve seen today (Spider-man/Life/Venom).

Yet another tooth-grinding trailer for ‘Life.’

OK, class: who can tell me what’s wrong with this picture from the upcoming aliens-eating-you-in-orbit movie Life?


That’s right, class: FIRE.  That is a device that creates fire.  On a space station.  And somebody thought that it was a good idea to haul that mass up a gravity well*.  Fire does not belong on a space station.  Aside from everything else, it eats the oxygen that your astronauts will be needing, and you cannot crack a window to let more oxygen in. Because it’s space.

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Quote of the Day, …I Do Not Think That This Is Helping edition.

Look, I understand that you have to work with what you’re given.  But if you think that this is a good counter-argument to Ted Cruz (accurately!) pointing out that pro-abortion protesters were chanting “Hail, Satan”…

Lucien Greaves, communications director of the Satanic Temple, says Cruz’s comments oversimplify the issue by trying to inject religion into the abortion debate. Although pro-abortion-rights protesters did indeed chant “Hail Satan” at a rally outside the Texas Capitol, it was to combat antiabortion protesters who were singing “Amazing Grace.”



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Tweet of the Day, This BTW Means That Andrew Cuomo Won’t Be Running For President edition.

This is one of the better Photoshops that I’ve seen:


Background at the link: suffice it to say that Andrew Cuomo said something very, very politically stupid about pro-lifers Friday, and while it may or may not actually keep him from being re-elected this year it will be an albatross around his neck in 2016, as well as any hypothetical federal appointments down the line. Or, ooh, maybe he’ll get tagged in for the 2016 Veep nomination! That’d be sweet.

Helpful reminder: Communism kills, capitalism saves.

Remember, in the 20th century:

Sorry to repeat the point, but it never hurts to remind folks that there was a right side, and a wrong side, and the Commies were on the wrong side.

Moe Lane

*Please note, by the way, that Norman Borlaug quite rightly felt that GMO opponents were, well, idiots with no historical awareness. This is largely because Norman Borlaug was a product of his time and culture, which was largely intolerant towards idiots with no historical awareness.

Next Live Action sting video: Ohio?

If my pet theory is correct, then very possibly: Ohio legislators will be unveiling today the Heartbeat Bill, which would ban abortions where a fetal heartbeat can be detected (H/T: Weasel Zippers).  This would effectively put the cap on abortions in Ohio at being absolutely no later than six weeks, and quite possibly earlier: pro-choice agitators are already simultaneously claiming that the proposed law is intolerably restrictive and that almost nobody in Ohio needs later term abortions anyway.  That these claims are at least potentially contradictory to each other is… pretty much standard for pro-choicers, actually.

At any rate, this bill has a decent chance of passing.  Ohio abruptly flipped over to full Republican control of the state government last November, with the GOP taking control of the General Assembly and the governorship (we already had the state Senate): the sponsor of the Heartbeat Bill (state representative Lynn Wachtmann) has 40 (out of 99) of her fellow-representatives already signed on.  And, of course, Governor Kasich is pro-life.  But it’s a very serious and meaningful piece of pro-life legislation; which means that there’s going to be significant push-back on it.  The question is, does Live Action have something to push back on the push-back?

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