Quote of the Day, From The Mouth Of Terry McAuliffe’s Business Partner edition.

Greentech Automotive president Charles Wang, on the dubious joys of partnering with Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe:

…there are days when Mr. Wang says he wishes he had never gone into business with a politically connected partner. “I learned a lot of things,” he said. “Politicians or people with political backgrounds are dangerous to business.”

Bolding mine – and get that up on a campaign ad, Ken Cuccinelli. I admit that it’s a bit tricky for the Attorney General to do so – he’s a politician himself – but, shoot: Republicans officially agree with McAuliffe’s own partner that politics and business don’t really mix well. As the last five years of Barack Obama’s crony corporatist capitalism have made blisteringly clear.



Moe Lane (crosspost)

Helpful reminder: Communism kills, capitalism saves.

Remember, in the 20th century:

Sorry to repeat the point, but it never hurts to remind folks that there was a right side, and a wrong side, and the Commies were on the wrong side.

Moe Lane

*Please note, by the way, that Norman Borlaug quite rightly felt that GMO opponents were, well, idiots with no historical awareness. This is largely because Norman Borlaug was a product of his time and culture, which was largely intolerant towards idiots with no historical awareness.

Althouse’s distressing Michael Moore observation.

(Via Instapundit) No, really: I hate guessing wrong. Anyway, while I share Ann’s distress I’m not surprised by what apparently provoked it. I’ve been reading about conspiracy thinking and secret societies for some time now; and as I’ve noted in the past if you’re not careful you can very, very easily end up being that person who accosts other people in the street, grabs their sleeves, and starts talking about the Jews.

Usually without quite making eye contact.

Moe Lane

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