Glowing green comet approaching, most visible here February 1st.

I’m sure it’s fine.

A once-in-a-lifetime comet could become so bright it will be visible to the naked eye as it makes its closest pass to Earth next week.

The glowing green comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) was last visible from Earth during the Stone Age, and will make its closest approach to Earth on 1 February, scientists said.

Astronomical trifecta this weekend: comet/lunar eclipse/full moon.

The comet’s not going to be anywhere close, though. So, no apocalypse this weekend. But don’t quote me on that if somebody decides to open up a sealed tomb in a lost city while the blood of a white bullock is staining the altar found in a pentacle made of ley lines connecting five Masonic crystal pyramids.

Hey. Just covering my bets.

AS EXPECTED (but it’s still cool!), organic compounds found on Philae comet.

This should surprise nobody, but probably will surprise some people anyway:

The probe that landed on the surface of a comet has discovered organic molecules, the most rudimentary building blocks of life, according to the German agency involved in the mission.

An instrument aboard the Philae lander detected the molecules after “sniffing” the comet’s atmosphere. An organic compound is one whose molecules contain the carbon atom, the basis of life on earth.

Scientists are analyzing the data to see whether the organic compounds detected by Philae are simple ones—such as methane and methanol—or a more complex species such as amino acids, the building blocks for proteins.

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