Rep. David Camp is annoying the IRS employee union.

First off, yes, I know: “IRS employee union” are three words that should never, ever have been allowed to form a coherent phrase in English in the first place.  So stipulated; but it happened.  So at least be comforted by the thought that representatives of such an affront to good sense are unhappy at the threat of making the federal government use the same exchange system as everybody else*.

IRS employees have a prominent role in Obamacare, but their union wants no part of the law.

National Taxpayer Employee Union officials are urging members to write their congressional representatives in opposition to receiving coverage through President Obama’s health care law.

The union leaders are providing members with a form letter to send to the congressmen that says “I am very concerned about legislation that has been introduced by Congressman Dave Camp to push federal employees out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and into the insurance exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act.”

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