Rep. Diana DeGette’s (D, CO) #obamacare denial.

So a Colorado woman (one Cathy Wagner) finds out that her health care plan, like that of 250,000 other Coloradans, got cancelled (H/T: @allahpundit). Ms. Wagner’s new plan (healthy couple in late middle age, apparently no kids) went up 35% (to twelve grand a year) and a higher deductible.  This news is hardly surprising to anybody who regularly reads this site, but for the benefit of new visitors: this is not a bug in the system.  This is the system. And Ms. Wagner’s purpose in this system is to be turned upside down and shaken vigorously, in the hopes that large sums of money fall out of her pockets.  Or even moderate amounts of money.  Hey, every little bit helps.

Now marvel at the sheer empathy radiating off of 9-term Democrat Diana DeGette, not to mention the deep understanding of how her party’s signature policy of Obamacare has negatively affected Ms. Wagner, and millions of people just like her: Continue reading Rep. Diana DeGette’s (D, CO) #obamacare denial.

Jay Carney comes into his own by denying Hilary Rosen hers.

For a given value of “his own.”  Short version of this Jay Carney clip: Hilary who?  Hilary Rosen?  The White House has so many people coming through, after all…

Somewhere, Robert Gibbs is nodding to himself and thinking, Yes.  The chrysalis has fallen away to reveal… well, a prime example of Dermatobia hominis (human bot fly). Continue reading Jay Carney comes into his own by denying Hilary Rosen hers.