Discovery landing (Live).

What’s that?  Oh, the Discovery is an Earth orbiter; we used it for various scientific and economic purposes, back when we had an actual manned space program.  They’re bringing it into DC today to put it into a museum*: you can watch it here.

Take a good look, folks.  Because damned if I know when we’re going back up there.  But don’t worry: the administration plans to spend that money right here on Earth…

Moe Lane

*Because that’s what we do with dead things that retain a certain cultural sentimental value.

#rsrh James Lee, Coyote.

Because, of course, the netroots aren’t having a bad enough day with this loser.

James Lee, the bomb-laden gunman who was killed by police in the lobby of the Discovery Channel, was once convicted and imprisoned for smuggling illegal immigrants into the country from Mexico.

They should, of course, count their blessings that this fellow didn’t actually get anyone killed – either with his guns, or his IEDs.

#rsrh I see that they shot the eco-freak.

You can imagine how heartbroken I am over that. Particularly since nobody else got physically hurt (the hostages and the shooters and the witnesses are still going to be messed up for a while emotionally, of course) .

Hey: I got kids.  And I live in the area.

Moving on, Melissa Clouthier makes a really good point about how this can be turned into an useful and informative teaching moment for the Online Left.  Which God knows they need, if for no other reason that it might cut down on the church-burnings and the fingers being bitten off and the crazy stalkers and whatnot.

Just saying, that’s all.