Internet keeps conking out.

I guess I really did need that new modem they told me I needed. All hale USB tethering. Which is funny, because I remember us trying to do a hot spot all the way back in ’04 for coverage, and having it blow up miserably and constantly. Now it’s more or less automatic. The future does persist in showing up, even when you’re not expecting it to…

I was promised food pills, myself.

I can’t say that I blame Iowahawk for being upset, though.

On the other hand, they really came through when it came to communicators, huh? And datapads. Hell, at this rate we’re going to get tricorders available at Target within twenty years.

Winning the future.

…is of course the title of this book byNewt Gingrich: Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract With America.  Which is a book that I have never read, and probably will not read – I’m not that big into political books, mostly because I already produce enough amateur punditry to not really need outside sources – but if the President is so determined to make Winning the Future a Google search term I might as well cash in on it.

Remember: filthy lucre, folks.  Filthy. Lucre.

Moe Lane