The ‘INSANELY RACIST’ GOOD TIMES animated reboot.

This GOOD TIMES animated reboot trailer is so incredibly racist, I refuse to put it on my nice, clean website*. It is so incredibly racist, it would make a white supremacist blink and ask, Can you really put that on television these days? It is so incredibly racist, I would not be surprised that this was Norman Lear’s announcing to the world that he had secretly been a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan all his life; and only revealing it now because he’s dead, and thus beyond the realm of human scorn and disapproval. Every human being involved with this production now defaults to Horrible Mode, and should be ashamed of themselves. Or possibly just make plans to retire to a monastery/nunnery, where they may contemplate their sins.

The animation is also shit, but you knew that going in.

Moe Lane

*h ttps:// If you absolutely must see it.

So the Monkees have a new album (Good Times) out.

For real. Don’t click that link unless you want to feel old. Suffice it to say that their new album is called Good Times, it hit the top twenty on at least one of the Billboard charts that week, and it’s still in their top 200 now. But not the Hot 100, whatever that means.  I’m confused. Probably because I’m 46, and thus supposed to not be aware that there’s still a Billboard at all, let alone understand the differences in their various charting systems.

Nonetheless… what the heck. I liked ‘Daydream Believer.’