Reminder: WashingCon is this weekend, and I’m running games.

GURPS (Hall of Judgement) and In Nomine, to be specific. I have some hopes of getting people for the Saturday GURPS game but I am preparing myself for the possibility that nobody’s gonna show for the Sunday In Nomine game. Or even probability. Sunday morning is often not the best time to run a con game, and WashingCon is a board game convention in its heart. The gaming pool may be, ah, small.

Guess we’ll see!

My 2018 WashingCon RPG schedule. (Dungeon Fantasy and In Nomine)

WashingCon is on September 8th and 9th: I will be running two games.  On Saturday (2 PM) I will be running the Hall of Judgement adventure for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy — yup, the one from the Kickstarter.  All official-like, too; by which I mean I told Doug Cole I’d run it at WashingCon if he liked, and Doug liked.  Which is hardly surprising, of course.

The second game is on Sunday (10 AM), and will be The Great Cow Race of 2003.  What’s that?  I’m giving away the adventure with that link? Folks, read the write-up again.  It’s not an adventure: it’s four hours of applied Chaos and Old Night.  I never ran that adventure the same way twice; shoot, I never ran it the same way twice from hour to hour inside the adventure itself.  I fear nothing from having my players know ahead of time what the adventure might be; in fact, I welcome their growing madness.



Gaming Ballistic doing Hall of Judgement (Powered By GURPS Dungeon Fantasy) Kickstarter.

This looks promising…

…not least because if Steve Jackson Games is going to permit 3rd-party licensing of stuff using Powered by GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, well.  There are possibilities, there. Any number of possibilities. I can think of at least one game world I have that could be easily converted to that system.