I see a Hydra shirt on a comic book store clerk, I walk right back out the door*.

Well, it appears that my days of declining to purchase any Marvel comic that isn’t Squirrel Girl are certainly coming to a middle:

Yesterday, Bleeding reported on Marvel’s plan to get comic shop employees to wear Hydra shirts to promote Secret Empire. It’s part of Marvel’s overall “Hydra Takeover” marketing gimmick that has been as well-received on social media as, well, as Secret Empire itself. For some reason, one we can’t quite put our finger on, people are uncomfortable with this. Hmm. What could it be?

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Tweet of the Day, In The Future Everybody Will Be In Hydra For Fifteen Minutes edition.

This a lolwut situation.  This is, in fact, a special lolwut situation. I’m not even angry; just sort of of… [DOES NOT COMPUTE]… bemused. To quote Eric Flint: Who ordered this?

OK, we’re apparently back to this ‘Cap as a Hydra agent’ bullshit.

…Look, just keep this contemptible nonsense out of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, OK?  Which would be the only Marvel comic that I still buy. Don’t make me give up that, too. And since I’m here to give out unsolicited advice anyway: the movies took Captain America, played said character absolutely as advertised, and without visible irony – and now Disney is sitting at the machine pressing the money button, and giggling as hundreds of millions of dollars comes tumbling out with each press.


Moe Lane